Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does Feed-Safe cost?

Feed-Safe is $99.95, shipped for free right to your front door. Please note: shipments outside the contiguous 48 United States will incur additional shipping costs.

2. What's included in the box?

  • (3) dome panels
  • (1) base
  • (1) lid
  • (2) stainless steel 1-quart bowls
  • (4) rubber feet
  • (7) screws
  • (1) flip-door with Velcro hinge

3.How easy is Feed-Safe to assemble?

The dome is made up of (3) panels that snap together and are secured with (3) screws to lock. The assembled dome then snaps into the base. The base also requires (4) rubber feet which need to be screwed in place. And finally, put the bowls in the pockets in the base, and push the lid on and you’re done. For video instructions please visit

4. What are the dimensions of Feed-Safe?

The base diameter measures 23” and rises 16” high. The door opening is 7.5" by 9" at its largest.

5. How big are the bowls?

Feed-Safe comes with two 1-quart stainless steel bowls.

6. What is the extra flip door for?

The flip door provides an alternate one-way exit in the event the main door is attended by a larger pet, or it has been intentionally closed to prevent the entry of any other pet during feeding time.

7. Can my dog open the flip door from the outside?

No, the door can only be pushed opened from the inside. The flip door has a spring that holds it in place against the dome and the door itself is slightly inset within the dome surface therefore making it difficult to get at an edge of the door to pull it open. In the event that your dog finds a way to open the flip door, the flip door may be locked with the locking tab, but this precludes use of the flip door.

8. Will my dog tip over the Feed-Safe to get to the food?

Feed-Safe was designed with a wide base and low center of gravity and the dome shape makes it difficult to get any kind of grip to tip it over.

9. Will Feed-Safe scratch my floors?

Feed-Safe is equipped with four non-marking rubber feet.

10. How do I get the feeding bowls in and out of the dome?

A quick twist and pull on the lid allows access to the bowls inside. The lid is designed with hooks on the underside so that it may be conveniently stowed on the edge of the opening while accessing the bowls.

11. Is Feed-Safe portable?

Feed-Safe can be easily moved around your home. Just align the arrows and rotate to lock the lid. Then simply carry it by the handle of the lid. We do not recommend using Feed-Safe as a pet carrier.

12. Can Feed-Safe be used as a cat carrier?

Although this may be possible we do not recommend this as the lid may release from the dome with the additional weight of a cat inside.

13. Can the dome be removed easily once assembled?

The dome is attached to the base by (3) large snap tabs. To disassemble the dome from the base, just reach under the edge of the base and press the tabs to release the dome from the base.

14. Can the Feed-Safe be used as a cat bed?

Sure. We've had customers report using the Feed-Safe as a cat bed by placing a pillow inside.

15. What kind of warranty does Feed-Safe have?

A 2 year limited warranty which covers any defects in material, proper function or workmanship. Call us at 877-250-7729 or email us at and provide your original proof of purchase to obtain an RA (return authorization) number and then send your unit to : Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., 2900 Auburn Ct., Auburn Hills, MI 48326, Attn: Claims RA #, and we will send a new replacement unit at no cost.

16. What is your return policy?

It depends on where you purchase your Feed-Safe unit. Please check the retailer’s return policy before you purchase, however if you purchase directly from us, you may return it used, but undamaged with all the original parts within 30 days for a full refund. Please call us at 877-250-7729 or email us at with your original proof of purchase to obtain an RA (return authorization) number and then send your unit to: AutoPets, 2900 Auburn Ct., Auburn Hills, MI 48326, Attn: Returns RA# for your refund of original purchase price.

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