Feed Safe


Doggy-Proof Your Cat's Food

Families with multiple pets often struggle to keep the dog from eating the cat's food. Solutions such as feeding the cat on the kitchen counter or in a separate room can be unsanitary and turn feeding time into a chore. Feed-Safe provides an enclosed, tidy feeding area that the larger dog can’t get into while protecting your smaller pet and its food.

Feed-Safe - door

Adjustable Sliding Door

Simply adjust the door to the size of the pet you want to allow into the feeding station and you will keep the larger pet out. The sliding entry door can be adjusted and locked into multiple positions to further fine-tune and limit access – even works for a fat cat/skinny cat scenario. Feed-Safe will work with a small dog and large dog as well. Feed-Safe works simply by excluding the larger pet.


Alternate Exit

In the event that the large dog of the house is sniffing at the front door while your cat is feeding inside, there is an alternate side exit. This allows your cat to escape to higher ground while leaving their food safely behind to revisit later.



Convenient removable and storable lid allows easy access to the feeding area inside. Each bowl sits in a recessed pocket to promote stability and alleviate unnecessary spills. If your four-legged family member makes a mess, the stain-resistant plastic will make cleanup a breeze. Two stainless steel food and water bowls included.


Features of the Feed-Safe

  • Two stainless steel bowls
  • High quality, high-impact, stain-resistant plastic
  • Adjustable entry door
  • Alternate exit
  • Removable lid
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable

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